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inflatable rafting boat, turkey FETHIYE HOLIDAY AREA

- Fethiye

- Oludeniz

- Ovacik

- Fethiye - Hisaronu

- Yaniklar

- Uzumlu Village

- Hillside

- Calis


inflatable rafting boat, turkey DALAMAN HOLIDAY AREA

- Dalaman

- Gocek

- Dalyan

- Ortaca

- Sarigerme

- Koycegiz


inflatable rafting boat, turkey MARMARIS HOLIDAY AREA

- Marmaris

- Turunc




Akkopru, Dalaman River, Turkey

Historical AKKOPRU bridge on DALAMAN RIVER, Turkey.


Dalaman river, Turkey

Dalaman River lies throughout a marvelous green canyon which is surrounded plenty of pine forests.


Dalaman river, Dalaman Stream, Turkey

Delicious breakfast and lunch into view of  Dalaman River and Canyon.


Dalaman river canoe rafting, Turkey

Unforgettable , exciting canoe rafting on Dalaman River , Turkey.



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Inflatable white water boat, Turkey

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Dalaman River - Turkey

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Wildwater , cascade rafting & outdoor activities in Turkey
Fethiye Hisaronu White Water Rafting Tours in Turkey ;  Rafting is one of the exciting,adventured outdoor sport.When you flow on the river with your boot,you'll reach to summit of your exciting.Besides,You'll have satisfaction to watch unique panaroma of canyons.Especially,to have lunch can't be described in middle of beautiful natural views.Shortly,you'll have an excellent time in rafting...

After we arrive to the rafting area, we make sure that we wear for our safety 'life jackets' before we get on the river boat. Boat type's are for (4 pax - 6 pax - 8 pax - 12 pax) and a experienced guide will be assist in the boat during the exciting tours (back side in the boat).

DALAMAN RIVER archaically named INDOS, Dalaman River has its source within Kocas Mountain located nearby Dirmil.

It runs into the sea some 8 km south of Ortaca after its cource through a narrow and deep valley where two of its branches one coming from Göktepe and the other from Yaylacik Mountains being part of the Western Taurus Mountains merge together. Its total length is : 229 km. It takes place between the rivers that gather the biggest amount of tourists as far as rafting is concerned.

Dalaman River situated within MUGLA city borders amongst KÖYCEGIZ and DALAMAN is offering you R2 (difficulty rate : 3+) and R3 (difficulty rate : 3-4+) level course services.

The river increases the adrenaline of the participants to the rafting activity through its rapid and exciting course track...

Water streams is not risky in DALAMAN river , Cool water comes from marvellous KOCAS Mountain. River Length is 12 km. and it takes 4.5 or 5 funy (A big compatition with other international tourists boats) hours with adventure on the cool water and entertainment. After unforgettable times we will have lunch during the rafting tour. All the necessary equipment for the rafting sport is supplied by us...

You can join to our daily rafting trip from your accommodation around FETHIYE , OLUDENIZ , GOCEK , DALYAN , DALAMAN , MARMARIS and GOKOVA during your holiday in Turkey...
We even provide rafting organisation for large groups and companies...
You can rent rafting equipments , camping equipments, rafting guide from us...

inflatable rafting boat, turkey Daily Rafting Trip Programme on " DALAMAN RIVER " in Turkey :


  08:30 - 09 :30 : Pick- up from accommodations or meeting points in Fethiye, Oludeniz, Ovacik, Hill Side, Hisaronu, Dalyan, Sarigerme, Ortaca, Marmaris, Koycegiz, Marmaris, Turunc, Icmeler holiday villages...Exact pick up time will be sent after you complate booking...If you want to come to our base own yourself, please click " ROUTE - LOCATION " explanation page..

11:00 - 11 : 15  : Arrival to our base near " DALAMAN RIVER  RAFTING COURSE START POINT " , getting all vital equipments as clothes, life jackets, paddles, shoes, helmets.. etc.


  11:30 - 11 : 50  : Arrival to start point in front of excellent " Roman Bridge "  getting on the inflatable raft boats as 7 - 8 - 10 persons groups.After our guide explains rules and things to do, we start to paddle throughout marvelous views of " DALAMAN RIVER " cascades and rapids of " DALAMAN RIVER ".


 12 : 00 - 12 : 30  : A short photo break near the small waterfall , walking throughout beautiful canyon views , historical roman bridge and diving from top of the bridge into the canyon.


  12: 30 - 14 : 00 : Continue to paddle  to complate the rest of the white water river rafting course ,  finally, we arrive our marvellous restaurant to get delicious lunch...


  14 30 - 15 : 00 : After complating lunch , we watch alltogether DVD / Pictures which has taken while we are paddling throughout rapids, cascades.You can buy professional  DVD /  Photo records..


15 00 - 17 : 00 : Start to return accommodations / resorts in FETHIYE, MARMARIS, OLUDENIZ, OVACIK, HILLSIDE, DALYAN, SARIGERME, KOYCEGIZ, MARMARIS , ICMELER, TURUNC holiday villages..


inflatable rafting boat, turkeyPrice Click for price table  

inflatable rafting boat, turkeyIncluding   : Transfer from hotel + Rafting Equipments + 15 km rafting on the river + Professional guide + Lunch in mountain landscape + Entertainment + Emergency service + insurance... 


inflatable rafting boat, turkeyCourse Level : 1, 2, 3 , 4

inflatable rafting boat, turkeyAvaliable days : Every Day
 [ Between June , September ]

           Only on Sunday and Wednesday except June, July, August, September....


inflatable rafting boat, turkeyKids & Age Range : All children older than 4 years old are welcome to our daily white water rafting trips on " DALAMAN RIVER ", Turkey.


inflatable rafting boat, turkeyInsurance : All joiners are insured during white water rafting trip on " DALAMAN RIVER " , Turkey.


inflatable rafting boat, turkeyCongress - Incentive - Event Teams : If you are a congress, incentive and have a limited time, we are able to organise for you an individual and short durating white water rafting tour depenting on your time. We are also adding some water games.


inflatable rafting boat, turkey: Other activities around " DALAMAN RIVER " region ;

Besides adventured white water rafting, you are also avaliable to do " camping, trekking, biking, mountain jeep safari, canyoning ...etc. " activities on the region.


inflatable rafting boat, turkey: Lodge & camping : We have " lodge " and " camping " place, camping equipments for long duration raft makers and trekkers in the regions.


inflatable rafting boat, turkeyReservation : At least 24 hours ago reservation required.For reservation please fill our " RESERVATION FORM " and send us. Easy payment with your VISA / MASTERCARD throughout  , or WIRE -BANK TRANSFER...




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