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VIEWS FROM DRAGON RIVER ;  Photo from Dragon River / Anamur / Turkey


 Dragon River / Anamur - Turkey


 Panaroma & views from Dragon River / Turkey






Köprülü Canyon River , Dalaman Stream , Coruh River , Zamanti River , Alara Stream , Aksu Stream,...


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Anamur (Dragon) River originates as an underground river from the Catalyatak, Yellice and Kizcagiz hills on the slopes of the Toros (Taurus) mountains. The underground spring erupts in several geysers close to the village of Sugözü, spraying water hundreds of meters high. The water level of the river is highest in spring, falling in summer. North of its source, enclosed basins and chasms can be seen.

The 35 km long Anamur river is joined by the Kas, Masat and Gökce streams before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea through a deep river bed.

The surrounding mountains of Anamur are covered with red-pine, black-pine, cedar, fir,juniper and oak trees. Wild goat, wild boar, wild sheep, wolf, jackal, wild duck, wild goose, partridge, eagle, falcon, peregrine falcons and hawks live in the higher altitudes, and speckled trout populate the waters running through the forest.

Anamur Cayi is suitable for canoeing and rafting. The best place to start an expedition is at the junction of Kilic creek, finishing at the historic Alaköprü bridge 10 km to the south.

The start of the course is accessible by a stabilized road that runs 15 km to Caltibükü from the junction at of the Anamur-Ermenek highway. When setting out from here, one should watch for stones and tree roots in the water. Generally class 1-2 water has some class 3 rapids when the water is high.

Anamur is a beautiful town, attractive for its natural setting and wealth of historical ruins. Ancient Anamur (Anemuriiium) is located at the end of a 2 km road leading towards the sea off the Anamur-Gazipasa highway. The city, which is surrounded by a wall, encompasses churches, baths, cemeteries, ancient theater, Odeon and colorful mosaics.

The fortress of Mamure, built by the Romans and repaired in Seljuk and Ottoman periods, boasts 36 towers, a moat, three courtyards and an old mosque. The fortress is located on Anamur-Icel highway.

Continuing past the Mamure fortress, the forest meets the sea and one enters the Pullu Mesire Yeri, used by the Forestry Department as a camping site and day recreational area. This is one of the few beaches where sea turtles (caretta caretta) come to lay their eggs.

Kösekbükü Cave, located in the vicinity of Ovabasi near Anamur is interesting for its stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is lit and open to public. The Cukurpinar Cave, in the vicinity of Sugözü, approximately 70 km north of Anamur, is being explored by speleologists. In 1992, members of the Cave Exploration Club of Bosphorus University went down to 1,149 m here.

The area after the Seljuk Alaköprü bridge up to Sugözü is excellent for trekking. The region provides opportunities for mountain biking, cliff parachuting, delta-wing sports and jeep safaris...


 Panaroma & views from Dragon Waterfall  / Turkey  Panaroma & views from Dragon River / Turkey

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