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VIEWS FROM PATARA RIVER / TURKEY ;  Photo from Esen River / Turkey


 Panaroma & views from Esen River / Turkey


 Panaroma & views from Esen Creek in Turkey


 Panaroma & views from Esen Creek in Kinik, Turkey


 Panaroma & views from Esen Creek in Kinik, Turkey


 Panaroma & views from Esen Creek in Kinik, Turkey



Köprülü Canyon River , Dalaman Stream , Coruh River , Zamanti River , Alara Stream , Aksu Stream,...

Wildwater , cascade rafting & outdoor activities in Turkey PATARA - XANTHOS ANTIQUE CITY , TURKEY :
At about 10 kilometers (6 miles) beyond Kalkan on the road to Fethiye you turn south and continue another 10 km along the road to Patara located by the Mediterranean sea.

The painted ceramics found in the acropolis prove that the city existed in the 5th century BC. Patara opened its doors to Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC, thereby earning the status of an important harbor city and naval base of Lycia in Anatolia until it was silted up. The city flourished during the Roman period as well, and had a huge population. Being an important city, several Roman emperors visited the city, such as Vespasian and Hadrian together with his wife Sabina.

Patara is also the birthplace of St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra, but many people know him as Santa Claus. And St. Paul stoppoed here during his third missionary journey. Therefore Patara became an important Christian center and a Titular see during the Byzantine period. The city lost its importance after 7th century AD with the continuous pirate attacks, the silting up of its harbor with sand, and diseasies.

When you arrive to the site, the triple gateway through which one enters Patara is thought to have been built in 100 AD. One of its most important buildings is the theater which was half buried in the sand before the rescue work done recently. The lighthouse is unearthed lately by Turkish archaeologists and is considered to be one of the world's oldest that have been discovered so far and that remained intact. The 12 meter (39 feet) high lighthouse was built in the 1st century AD under the reign of Roman emperor Nero.

There is also an interesting half-circle bouleterion (parliament) that is excavated in the past years. Some other remains include the baths, necropolis, road sign, main avenue, temple, church and basilica. Many other buildings of the ancient city, including the temple of Apollo, are buried under the sand dunes and waiting to be discovered in future excavations.

Today, there is the longest sandy beach of Turkey in Patara, which is 12 km-long (7,5 miles)
Patara is the activity center of Kas and Kalkan. Visitors come here to enjoy water sports, canoe trips, hikes in the nature, and horseback and motor safari tours in the sand dunes. We participated first in a horseback safari and then a canoe trip.

We are doing canoeing adventure 6 days a week on Esen Creek in Turkey . No canoeing experience required to enjoy an exhilarating day in Patara National Park. You will have fun, sun and natureat the same time. excursion begins in Patara at 10:00am and the journey to Xanthos river takes about 15 minutes. Firstly, our experienced guides gives a briefing about canoeing. Then, everybodygets ready for canoeing by putting on suncream and giving important items to ourguides for safety. Adventure starts at about 10:30 am. Whole journey along the river is 15km. Once we have given youabout using the canoes we put them in the water.If the current is not too strong we canoe down river for half an hour then we have abreak for swimming and having some fresh fruits. Then the adventure goes on for another half an hour. Then people rest for a while and enjoy a mud bath. At about 1:30pm the group reaches the barbecue area.We serve lunch. After a little rest the group continues canoeing at 3:30 pm. The tripends on the beach at Patara where the river meets the sea, We have 1 hour forswimming. We return you to your hotel.
Welcome to a wonderful day canoeing in Patara National Park.We have prepared this leaflet to give you some valuable information to make your day as enjoyable as possible.
You will be canoeing along the Esen ( Xanthos ) River to Patara beach.Distance from start point till finish point is 15 KM.There are 4 stops along the way.
1.Rest and review paddling performance.Assistance will be given if required.
2.Rest and enjoy fresh fruit.
3.Have fun and recuperate with a cooling mud bath.
4.Time to have lunch and relax before canoeing on to Patara Beach. 

Patara beach, xanthos, letoon, pinara , saklikent gorge, esen canyon  is remerkable places to visit.

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