Coruh River rafting – How to enjoy

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Coruh River rafting – There is a good chance that most people will take a road trip at some point. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to take a road trip across your state or province, or maybe across the country. It’s a different story if Water by Nature employs you. The continents of the world are no match for the distances we cover. The most recent WBN expedition was a cross-continental drive from Africa to Asia via Europe. When you’re holding to the paddles for your life on a white-water rafting excursion, you’ll find a few things more exhilarating. The thrill of white water rafting also brings you closer to some of the most distant places on Earth, where you’ll see diverse species, lush green forests, and rare geological wonders up and personal.

Morocco has a rafting and kayaking season operated by Water by Nature. It runs a rafting season on the Coruh River in eastern Turkey. For much of its journey through the isolated Kackar Mountains, the Coruh River reaches 100 km/h (62 mph). The surrounding banks are teeming with wildlife, including wild boars, bears, mountain goats, Byzantine-era ruins, and castles. Coruh River in northeast Turkey is considered one of the top 10 white water rivers worldwide because of its large volume rapids (grade 5 in May and June) supplied by snowmelt from the eastern Black Sea highlands north-east of Turkey.

Coruh River rafting

It meanders through breathtaking gorges and narrow fertile valleys or orchards and small paddy fields, through historic ruined castles, all set against a backdrop of magnificent craggy mountains and traditional village life almost unaffected by tourism. During back-to-back seasons, the same gear and guides are typically utilized. We now use our van and trailer when transporting goods from Morocco to Turkey. The exact route varies from year to year based on who is driving and the deviations they take, whether intentional or not. However, the journey begins in Morocco and ends in Spain. As the crew departs from Spain, it travels along the Mediterranean coast through France and Italy to reach the Adriatic Sea’s shores. A ferry service is utilized to travel across the Adriatic to Greece. The construction of new motorways in that country has made it easier to go to the European Union’s border. It’s a breeze to get to Istanbul from the Greek border. All of Europe and all of Asia may be found here in Istanbul. After crossing the Bosporus, it takes another 24 hours to get to Erzurum in Turkey’s far easternmost province. Typically, this 3600-mile voyage takes between 8 and 10 days to complete. This river’s magnificence is well-known. This river’s final year has come to an end, and it’s a shame. After this season, the river will no longer be navigable due to a damming project. With this historic whitewater rafting route disappearing, it will be lost to history for all time. It’s our final chance to savor it before it’s gone!

As of this writing, once you’ve completed the Coruh, it’s time to run it, enjoy it, and remember it. It was a long drive to get to a river, but you haven’t paddled the Coruh yet.

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