Coruh River Rafting

Coruh River Rafting

Turkey has a great deal of mountains and rivers that are perfect for rafting. Offering you beauty, excitement, and a wild experience like no other is the Coruh river located near Erzurum. Coruh River is one of the hottest white water river rafting spots in Turkey, and is said to be a thrilling experience; one that should only be taken on by experienced rafters.

White water rafting by name offers you a great insight! As you know you are in for a ride of a lifetime. Swooping through rough and dangerous areas of a fast-flowing river. One that can take you on a boost of excitement and thrill. The experience is not suggested for the faint of heart and requires special training.

The rafting event is normally organized by one of the many local companies and offers you a complete package from start to finish. Making sure even tourists are able to enjoy the best of Coruh river rafting.

Best Time to Raft?

The Coruh River rafting program is available most of the year, but the best time to take on a rafting experience is during the summer or spring season. As you can enjoy the perfect combination between chilly water and warm sun. Moreover, the snow starts to melt away making the river more cooler, and faster. Plus there is a good chance you will interact with smaller crowds and can experience a remarkable journey.

Note: Regardless of when you head to Coruh river for white water rafting we suggest you keep a small tube of sunblock on you at all times. This way you can ensure a desirable experience, one that will not lead to a sunburn or deep tan.

Gear Required:

When heading white water rafting there are a few things you must consider. One of those being the gear that you carry. While white water rafting is a simple affair, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. For instance, it’s best to wear a quick-drying bathing suit, slather on sun protection, wear sandals with straps, sunglasses with a retainer for a clear view, and a safety vest.

Keep in mind that every season is different, and when rafting in the winter season, you will require additional gear such as a windproof jacket, windproof pants, warm hat, waterproof wool socks, synthetic full sleeve shirt, synthetic long underwear, or a warm wetsuit. Along with a small water bottle, and a few snacks you can easily tuck away.

The best way to prepare is to ensure you find out what you will be provided with, and arrange the items you know you will need. As white water rafting is not a common choice, you should consider getting familiar with the concept and experience before taking on such a thrilling affair.

The Coruh river takes you on a roller coaster ride, one that comes with higher stakes and a thrilling experience like no other. Fortunately, there are a number of rafting professionals in Turkey that can help you gear up and prepare for the rafting ride of a lifetime. Making sure you can experience all that the river has to offer while taking a safe and reliable approach.