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Things to do in Goreme

Goreme Weather? Göreme is a town in the province of Aydın, Turkey. It is one of the most visited places in Turkey with its architecture and natural beauty. Göreme is an ancient city that has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The first settlement was started by people who were migrating from Anatolia to central and western Anatolia. The city was named after Göreme Mountain, which dominates the landscape of the area. Goreme Weather is really important! In addition, Göreme was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986. In Göreme, the summers are warm, dry, and clear, and the winters are chilly, snowy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically ranges from 19°F to 86°F and is rarely below 5°F or above 94°F.


1. Cappadocia: Hot Air Balloon Flight

Pre-flight breakfast and transfers from your hotel are included in this exciting hot air balloon tour over Cappadocia‘s fairy chimneys and rock-cut churches and cottages. You will be picked up from your Cappadocia hotel and taken to the launch location. Warm up with free coffee and tea. Watch the balloons being prepped and inflated while eating breakfast. Fly to an altitude of roughly 1,000 feet (300 metres) for spectacular 360-degree views of Cappadocia. The wind will take you through valleys and mountains in 45-90 minutes depending on the weather. Admire the region’s remarkable rocks and caverns from above. Enjoy a glass of Champagne upon arrival and get your flight certificate before returning to your hotel and continuing your day.


2. Sunset ATV Tour Cappadocia

This ATV trip offers a unique way to experience Cappadocia from the ground. Get some experience on the bikes after a short safety instruction and demonstration. Then start your tour of Cappadocia must-sees. First, travel through Sword Valley, the region’s tiniest valley, and appreciate the valley’s sword-like fairy chimneys. Next, visit Cavusin Village to see the old Greek architecture and churches. Then, race through the White, Love, and Red Valleys, pausing for photographs or rests. Finish in Rose Valley, one of Cappadocia’s top sites for sunset viewing.


3. Cappadocia Highlights Tour with Lunch

On this 6.5-hour trip, you will see spectacular natural formations, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and old art. Start the day by exploring Cappadocia, particularly Devrent Valley. This valley is also known as “Imagination Valley”, as you will see. There are various forms of Fairy Chimney formations that date back about 30 million years. Then it’s over to the Göreme Open Air Museum, one of the park’s three UNESCO sites. Amazing cave community with homes constructed into rock faces. This previously peaceful area once housed Christians and Muslims in harmony. This tour allows you to visit a local store and experience Anatolia. See how the Hittites survived and developed magnificent art in this location. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local eatery before continuing the trip. Then go to Uchisar Castle and Pigeon Valley, two of the world’s top photographic locations. Return to your accommodation, but not before stopping at Goreme Panorama Point to observe Cappadocia from a fresh perspective. Goreme Weather is really important!


4. Cappadocia Green Tour for Small Groups

Your professional guide will take you up from your hotel for a small-group tour of Cappadocia. Begin at Goreme Panorama, a picturesque overlook offering a wide view of the city below and the gorgeous rocky hills behind it. Then travel to Kaymakl Underground City to see how early Christians resisted persecution and invasion for generations. Hike through Turkey’s greatest canyon, home to over 2,670 plant species. Then travel 1.5 hours to Nar Lake. Stop for photographs before returning to the road to trek 3.8 kilometres along the river and through the area’s magnificent scenery. After the trek, eat at a local restaurant in Belisrma. After lunch, drive to Yaprakhisar Panorama to see the fairy chimneys from a unique perspective. Then go to Selime Monastery, which has a cathedral-sized church. After that, you’ll be taken to Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia’s greatest picture site.