Mithra cave hotel

Everything about Mithra cave hotel

The Mithra cave hotel is one of the famous places in Cappadocia, Turkey. We all know that Turkey has many favourite places that attract visitors, and Cappadocia is one. Mithra cave hotel in Cappadocia has a different fan base level due to the hot air balloons that flood the skies every day. The Mithra cave hotel covers the view from its terrace. It is one of the excellent views in the town that visitors can enjoy by staying in the Mithra cave hotel.

Here we will share everything about the Mithra cave hotel that works for you as a guide. So keep reading before you visit Turkey.

1. The room at Mithra cave hotel

Every room of the Mithra cave hotel has a unique style with a significant terrace area. The room has all the accessories you want during your stay, and you can enjoy a memorable time. Each room is at the top where you reach by passing through many stairs. It is a quiet and relaxing environment at hotel.

Each room has a queen-sized bed or twin beds that you can choose according to your choice. The corner of the room has a TV and a drink station. You can also enjoy tea or coffee according to your preference. The room fridge provides you with cold water. The electric kettle in the room helps to enjoy instant coffee, or you can also drink Turkish tea, which is always a favourite of every visitor.

Next to the drinking station, you have a digital safe that helps you protect your essentials, including passports and other valuables. The couch and closed room also facilitate you to spend quality time with the best and most aesthetic room appearance.

2. Amenities

The rooftop of  cave hotel has prime importance as it helps the visitors to enjoy the incredible views. The main terrace has a seating area along with restaurants and bars. It has excellent decorations with colourful pillows and food displays.

The reality is more aesthetic than pictures of the cave hotel on social media.

3. Food

Hotel offers food to their visitors with incredible taste. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the rooftop with a prime view. The flavour and appearance of food are attractive and will increase your hunger.  You will enjoy every bite with a fantastic idea.

4. Parking area

Parking is the main issue in many hotels. But the Mithra cave hotel has the availability of a parking lot, but it also has limited space. The staff will take your car keys for moving the cars to give room for other guests in case of emergency.

5. Location

hotel is in the centre of Goreme and surrounded by plenty of restaurants and shapes. You can walk around the area and enjoy the tourist attractions. It is right next to the Sultan cave suites popular with Turkey visitors. As we already mentioned, you can enjoy your food at  Hotel, but there are also some other popular restaurants, including Turkish Ravioli and Seiten restaurants.

Now you can visit the cave hotel and enjoy the glory of nature.