pamukkale thermal pools

pamukkale thermal pools

Pamukkale also known as Turkey’s White Paradise brings you a one-of-a-kind natural wellness treatment like no other. It’s hot springs and thermal pools are filled with rich minerals that can help you relax and refresh your body and mind. A UNESCO World Heritage Site that has thousands of visitors every year, offering individuals from all around the world a special antique treatment of a lifetime.

Situated in the Southwest of Denizli, the Pamukkale pools currently sit over the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis. Since their inception, they have been known for their thermal treatment and spa treatments since Roman times. However, what makes them a true wonder is not just the health benefits it packs, but its gorgeous white limestone travertine. Which are shaped naturally by the calcium-rich hot spring, creating a breathtakingly beautiful sight that adds to your experience.

An interesting fact about Pamukkale pools is that they came to life after the natural collapse of columns. History clarifies that a series of columns collapsed during an earthquake in 692 AD, accumulating thermal water in the area. Creating a natural spring and spa that is overly popular with tourists since ancient times. Bringing in individuals from all around Europe the pools were a sight no one wanted to miss. pamukkale thermal pools!

Additionally, they offered a fixed temperature of 36 degrees Celsius in every season, making them an attraction one can visit any time of the year. Meaning even in the dead cold winter it offers tourists a unique and warming experience like no other. Along with a dose of natural booster that is known to heal your body and mind.

While you sit in the pool its natural agents seep through your skin offering you health benefits for rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, nerve disease, rheumatism, intestinal disorders, and other related aspects. Offering every visitor a relaxing experience that can help them in the years to come.

Its natural health benefits are one of the reasons why 2 million tourists come all the way to Pamukkale pools for at least a day. Taking in all that it has to offer, they enjoy a fun day filled with relaxation. Or you can rent a room and enjoy a few days of endless bliss in paradise. Watching staggering sights as you let the hot spring water flow through your system.

A cotton castle like no other, this Turkish wonder is said to resemble the cotton plantation from afar, offering visitors a marvelous glimpse of what’s to come. However, there are many that refer to the Pamukkale pools as the Cleopatra Pool, as the Egyptian Queen is said to have spent her days swimming in the Pamukkale pools. Soaking in the positive energy that allowed her to enhance her gorgeous aura.

Today, you can find at least 17 hot water springs in the area, offering you more than enough choices when it comes to choosing the right hot water spring for you. That being said, due to its high demand you will find the area to be sold out months in advance, which is why we suggest getting a reservation before you make the trip. Making sure you have all your ducks lined up in a row, and are ready to relax and take in this marvelous gift from mother nature.