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coruh river turkey

coruh river in turkey

Coruh River in Turkey

The Çoruh River is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world.

The River Çoruh cuts through the mountainous region of Artvin and reaches the Black Sea. Beginning at the Mescit Mountains (3225m), it flows for 466 km before reaching the Black Sea in Georgia, and is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world. The small towns and villages located along the river are historically interesting, and the whole area represents the combination of Eastern Anatolian and Black Sea cultures. The Çoruh Basin is an absolute paradise for outdoor activities.

The Çoruh Gorge will enchant nature lovers with its rare and endemic plant species and is a paradise for birdwatchers.

The Çoruh River basin is a very important nature reserve. The Çoruh Basin is one of the most spectacular nature reserves in Turkey. With its rich biological diversity the Çoruh Valley is one of the 35 world hotspots of biodiversity pointed out by Conservation International as the western section of "Caucasus Ecosystem".

Çoruh River is famous with it's 5 days long distance rafting trips and campings

The Çoruh Valley is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for lovers of history, cultural anthropology, art, sports and nature. The valley that takes its name from the Çoruh River, which flows for 442 km through Turkey, possesses a landscape as spectacular as it is vast.

The story of the Çoruh, which carved out this valley and which, owing to its topographical structure, ranks among the world’s fastest flowing rivers, begins on the western slopes of Mt Mescit between İspir and Erzurum. Let us begin our tour from there..

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List of the principal cities, towns, holiday villages ideal to join daily river rafting tours for Çoruh River in Turkey
İstanbul Ankara Bursa İzmit Konya Adana Erzurum Artvin Gümüşhane Bayburt Trabzon Kars Ağrı Iğdır Erzincan Ardahan İspir Yusufeli