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zamanti river turkey

Zamanti River in Turkey

Turkey Cappadocia Region's the best river for rafting canyoning canoeing activities

Zamanti River is nearest river to Cappadocia Region in Turkey. Zamantı River is a river in Central Anatolia, Turkey, crossing Kayseri Province in practically its whole course to join Seyhan River further south, of which it is the western, the longest and the most important tributary. Zamantı and Göksu join 80 km north of Adana to form Seyhan River.Tracing a curvy course through the narrow valleys and cascades of the Taurus Mountains (called Aladağlar in this section), the river is one of the most favorite rafting spots in Turkey, particularly in its section around the town of Yahyalı, rated 3 in the international scale from 1 to 6.

Everyday rafting canoeing tours from Göreme Ürgüp Nevşehir Avanos Zelve Çavuşin Ortahisar Kaymaklı Belisırma Ihlara Aksaray towns and villages

Zamanti River flows through famous Aladağlar national park in Turkey. Zamanti River is one of the most beautiful river for river sports in Turkey. A river trip on Zamanti River is one of the best ways to explore vast wilderness reaches that are untouchable by foot or vehicle. The Zamanti River cuts an impressive canyon, of depths up to 2000 feet, before emptying out into the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey. In its lower valley, the Zamanti River flows along rolling hills and willow-lined banks past dairy, fruit and potato farms.

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