The most famous turkish cuisine

The most famous dishes of Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine? Once you are in Turkey, you will enjoy understanding a bit more about Turkish food so that you can make informed decisions about what to eat at local restaurants.

Turkish cuisine is distinguished by the liberal use of spices, vegetables, grilled meats, and copious amounts of olive oil. Cuisine that is well-balanced and delicious, combining aspects of Middle Eastern cuisine with components of Mediterranean culinary traditions.

Typical dishes of Turkish cuisine
1. Meze

Meze is a kind of appetizer that is quite popular. The meze (small plates) served in Turkish restaurants is often used to assess their level of proficiency. There are numerous different kinds, with the most popular being those prepared using aubergines, cheese, shrimp, black olives, and peppers, among other ingredients. It is customary to consume them with an alcoholic beverage.


2. Dolma

Dolma is a Turkish word that means “stuffed object,” and it may be made out of vegetables or meat, depending on the recipe. The most traditional dish consists of vine leaves that have been fried in olive oil and packed with rice that has been spiced and lemon juiced.


3. Midye dolma

They’re fried mussels that have been packed with rice. This is a meal that is popular in various places along the Aegean coast. It is considered a local dish of Istanbul, and you should not leave without tasting it!


4. Lahmacun

Informally called “Turkish pizza,” this fast food meal consists of a thin dough foundation on which minced meat and onions are piled high and baked until golden brown. Lemon, parsley, and spices are strewn over the top of the dish.


5. Çorba

Soups, often known as çorba, are particularly popular in Turkish cuisine. They are taken throughout the year, in all weather conditions. In the past, they were even served for breakfast, but presently, they are mostly consumed for lunch and dinner. Soups made with red lentils (mercimek), yogurt, and wheat are the most common.


6. Döner Kebap

Despite the fact that it is a fast food meal, it serves as the worldwide ambassador for Turkish cuisine. Its name translates as “rotating roast beef,” and that is exactly how it is prepared: grilled on enormous skewers. Lamb is the most traditional of the meats. It may be eaten on its alone or with a variety of sauces, vegetables, breads, and grains. It is typical in Turkey to have it around midday, rather than at night.


7. Köfte

Essentially, they are a traditional meatball produced from minced meat, generally veal or lamb. Most of the time, they’re combined with a variety of spices, and sometimes with finely chopped onion, vegetables, or eggs. They may be prepared in a variety of ways, including roasting, frying, and steaming. In Turkey, there are about 300 distinct types of köfte to choose from.


8. Baklava

Flaky puff pastries filled with walnuts, pistachios, or other dried fruit and drizzled with honey syrup are known as baklava. This is one of the most classic Turkish sweets, and there are many different kinds to choose from.


9. Lokum

They’re also referred to as “Turkish pleasure” in certain circles. Their texture is comparable to that of jelly beans, and they are created from a blend of starch and sugar to give them their distinctive flavour. They are often flavoured with lemon or rose water and include pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, and other nuts. They are cut into cubes and coated with icing sugar before being served.