The Secret to Giving a Woman Staggering Orgasms Night After Night

Yes, you can indeed give a woman staggering orgasm night after night, the secret is, well it is no secret, it is just that many men don’t want to believe it. A staggering orgasm is the type of orgasm that ravishes a woman completely and leaves her craving for more. It is more intense than an orgasm and can last much longer.

A staggering orgasm is generally the result of prolonged and focused foreplay. While penetration is pleasurable it is not always the end of the world for the woman, the trick to remember is that if you want to give a woman a staggering orgasm, you have to keep going and going.

Keep in mind that a woman can have multiple orgasms, so once you get to the point where she is just overwhelmed and can’t take it anymore, remember it’s not over yet. You still have to play and tease, show her affection, and keep her genitals intimately involved. What you can do is tease her clitoris until she is about to have an orgasm and switch to stimulating her g spot. Or you can alternate between the two, giving her lustful shaking orgasms.

Now if you are smaller than average it is important to not drool on her body. A woman’s whole body is an erogenous zone and the more you think about it, the more she will want you. Make sure you are aware of her mood, she may want you to kiss her neck or just suck on her nipples, this all goes to say that her mood is tender and if you try to get simple and direct your attention onto her anatomy all she will want is for you to keep going.

When you are securely inside of her, you can try different positions and enjoy the benefit of being the woman in the top position. This allows her to find her g spot with the angle of her body in the best position for you to hit that spot. She can also have control and be able to set the speed of any movement, for example, if she is on top you can try to change positions now and then and see the difference. The way she moves, the depth of penetration, and the angle of her body are all factors in giving her staggering orgasm.

Things to remember when helping a woman to achieve those staggering orgasms are:

1. Keep everything slow.

Remember, the purpose is to provide intense gratification for her and not to speed through it. If you think you will finish too quickly, you are wrong and need to discover your limit and step up your game.

2. Let her lead the way.

Many men feel that woman is responsible for everything, but this is not the case. The man has to take back control and learn how to follow her lead if it is something she wants to try and please him.

3. Longevity is the key.

You may be good in bed when you make your partner comfortable and satisfy her lustfully but if you cannot last until those huge moments arrive, you could cause her great frustration. There is no worse enemy than premature ejaculation when it comes to giving your partner pleasure and causing her pain.

Conquering premature ejaculation is not something you can rush, it takes some work and practice. Practice makes perfect. Here are a few tips to help you become a star in your bedroom.