What Makes a Good Bar?

When choosing a good bar, there are certain criteria you have to meet. Here are 10 questions it’s worth asking before you decide where to go.

1. Is the location convenient? Depending on where you live, work, or are based for that evening, you’ll want a bar that’s easy to get to and from – either on foot or by transportation. It may be that you’re going out elsewhere later, like to the theatre or cinema, and require a bar that’s located nearby.

2. Is it in a safe area? There’s nothing worse than a bar in a dodgy area and it’s often not easy to know if you don’t know the area. Ask friends, colleagues, or hotel staff if you want more details.

3. Who are you going with? If you’re entertaining clients you’re likely to want something quite different from where you’d go with your friends. 애월 맛집 Likewise, if you’re going out with your partner. Find out who the bar best caters to and let that help you in your decision.

4. Will you want food? Not all bars do food, so if you’re peckish, do your homework before you get there. Equally, if you don’t want to, do you want to?

5. Is it expensive? Location will have a bearing, but nobody likes paying over the odds for drinks and food. Online local business directories often provide reviews, so read what previous patrons have to say about the price list of the bar before you go.

6. Can you get served quickly? I don’t mean because of your age (if you’re not old enough to drink, don’t even bother trying, and if you look young, make sure you take your ID). I mean easy access to the bar, plenty of staff, and efficient service. There’s nothing worse than wasting half your night waiting at the bar.

7. Is it clean? Well, you can expect the standard decor to greet you. Cleanliness is essential too. Most bars have aniseed, ferns, geraniums, and other flowers and plants which they regularly wash and keep clean. If you’re going with friends, it’s recommended that you don’t have flowers or plants with strong odors.

8. What kind of bar food should people be eating? Bar food needs to be sophisticated, but can be easily enjoyed by anyone. If you’re after cocktails, it’s best to stick to a classic cocktail such as a martini. Men should stick to drinks made from gin and tonic. Women can go for a mixed drink if they’d like.

9. What kind of drinks should you be making? Mixing different beverages is a good idea. People mix spirits and mixers, but you’d be surprised at how few people know how to make a perfect drink. Why not enter a bar contest when you’re in town?

10. Why is it a good idea to take food along? Well, you usually eat at different restaurants than at home. If you live in a small town, you may be lucky and get to go and eat at a proper restaurant, but if you’re not, you may find yourself having a burger or something like that.